Branch One 編集

Shield Bash
Talent ShieldBash.png Null The character shield-bashes a target, dealing normal damage as well as knocking the target off its feet unless it passes a physical resistance check. Shield Mastery adds an additional attack with the shield.
Shield Pummel
Talent ShieldPummel.png Null The character follows up an attack with two hits from the shield, dealing normal damage with each attack. If the target fails a physical resistance check, it is stunned. Shield Mastery adds an additional attack with the shield.
Talent Overpower.png Null The character lashes out with the shield three times. The first two hits inflict normal damage. The last strike is a critical hit if it connects, knocking the target down unless it passes a physical resistance check. Shield Mastery increases the damage.
Talent Assault.png Null The character quickly strikes a target four times, but dealing reduced damage with each hit. If the character has Shield Mastery, the damage from each hit increases.

Branch Two 編集

Shield Defense
Talent ShieldDefense.png Null While this mode is active, the character drops into a defensive stance that favors the shield, gaining a bonus defense and chance to shrug off missile attacks, but taking a penalty to attack. With Shield Balance, the attack penalty is removed. With Shield Expertise, the defense bonus increases. With Shield Mastery, the defense bonus increases further.
Shield Balance
Talent ShieldBalance.png Null The character has learned to compensate for the weight of a shield in combat and no longer suffers an attack penalty while using Shield Defense.
Shield Wall
Talent ShieldWall.png Null In this mode, the character's shield becomes nearly a fortress, adding a significant bonus to armor and a greater likelihood of shrugging off missile attacks, but at the cost of reduced damage. Shield Expertise makes the character immune to direct knockdown attacks while in this mode, and Shield Mastery gives a bonus to defense.
Shield Expertise
Talent ShieldExpertise.png Null The character's experience using a shield in combat has made certain abilities more efficient, increasing the defense bonus for Shield Defense and making the character immune to direct knockdown attacks while using Shield Wall.

Branch Three 編集

Shield Block
Talent ShieldBlock.png Null Practice fighting with a shield improves the character's guard. Enemies can no longer flank the character on the shield-carrying side.
Shield Cover
Talent ShieldCover.png Null While in this mode, the warrior's shield provides a greater chance of deflecting missile attacks. Shield Mastery increases this bonus further.
Shield Tactics
Talent ShieldTactics.png Null The character is proficient enough with a shield to defend from all angles, so that attackers no longer benefit from flanking strikes.
Shield Mastery
Talent ShieldMastery.png Null The character has mastered the use of the shield for both offense and defense, and receives additional benefits when using Shield Bash, Shield Pummel, Assault, Overpower, Shield Defense, Shield Wall, and Shield Cover.